Dear Homeless

It was Service Project Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockford.  We have them once a month in between the Toolbox of our Faith coursework and doing something fun.  We’ve been focusing our Service Sundays on the plight of the homeless these past few months.  Sadly it’s a problem that’s not getting any better in Rockford.  This time, the kids from all the classes got together for a letter writing campaign in the art room.

“How are they going to get the letters?” asked one little girl about five or six.  I explained we were writing letters to people who could help the homeless rather than the homeless themselves.  That opened up a can of worms.

“But wouldn’t the homeless like to get a letter?” asked another girl.  I supposed that they would like to get a letter, but that it might be better to write people who could help.  Like the mayor perhaps.

“My dad says the mayor can’t even fix the potholes,” said a third grader.  I just let that one slide.

“The homeless need letters,” explained a dark haired girl.  “They don’t have any friends or family to count on.”  We had just read a story about a homeless girl living in a shelter and how lonely things were for her.  So, we all ended up writing letters to the homeless.  We offered our thoughts and prayers, some jokes to make them laugh and some good ideas to help them find permanent places to live.  I hope the homeless have good eyes.  The art room didn’t have any regular pencils or pens and a number of the letters were written in yellow marker instead.


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