Dad Recipes

It was the last school morning before vacation.  I got Daniel up because Meka had spent the night studying quantum physics (if she had just been perusing physical chemistry, I would have slept in).  We were heading for California first thing Saturday morning, so the cupboards were pretty bare.  As Daniel took his shower, I went downstairs to figure out what he could have for breakfast.

Normally Daniel has cereal for breakfast.  That was out because we lacked two ingredients: cereal and milk.  We didn’t have any bread, but I did find one hamburger bun left.  I threw that in the toaster.  I scrambled up the last egg in a cereal bowl.  I didn’t have any Canadian bacon or sausage, but I did have some real salad topping bacon bits in the refrigerator.  I drizzled those into the egg, added some salt and pepper.  I microwaved the mixture for a minute.  The egg cooked into a round shape like the bowl.  When the bun popped up, I plopped the egg on the bun and threw a slice of cheese on the top.  I microwaved the whole thing long enough to soften the bun, melt the cheese, and harden the egg.

Daniel came down and was pleasantly surprised to see a “McDonald’s breakfast” waiting for him at the table.  I didn’t correct him at first.  I noted he wolfed it down with more gusto than he usually reserves for the traditional bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Afterwards, I told him it was homemade and he said he still liked it.

“Better than McDonald’s?” I asked.  He gave that some thought.

“I like McDonald’s better,” Daniel replied.  “But I think you can add it to your official list of Dad Recipes.”


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