Like Long Hair

I’ve been going through my pictures from school and I can’t get over how long my hair used to be.  Of course, it was twenty or thirty years ago.  People wore their hair longer back then.  In elementary school, I had a bowl cut (because my mom cut my hair and – I think – she used a bowl).  Later in high school, we could afford to go somewhere and get our hair cut.  I had it parted down the middle and feathered on the sides.

Where I really deviated from my peers though was the length in the back.  Even in sixth grade, I had my hair down past my collar.  It was shoulder length through most of high school (though my mom would force me to get it cut short just in time for school pictures every year).  I worked at a radio station while I was in college.  I worked in the news department, but I felt it was my duty to grow my hair out to fit in the rock and roll atmosphere.  If I had to “dress up” to report on something in the field, I wore a ponytail.

We were in the middle of a recession in 1993 and I was looking for a job.  I got an interview with Radio Shack to be an assistant manager.  They asked if I would cut my hair and I said I would.  The afternoon before my first day, I drove over to Bo-Rics and had them lop it off to the tip of my collar.  They ended up taking ten inches off the back.

In retrospect, between long hair and working at Radio Shack, I made the wrong choice.  One of my favorite things to do was scratch my own back with my hair where I couldn’t reach with my hands.  However, that was the only positive aspect of it.  It got greasy so quickly, I had to wash it twice a day.  I got “burned out” on long hair; literally.  I went through three hair dryers in a year and one actually burst into flame while I was using it.


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