The Model McChild in Hollywood

I stopped at a McDonald’s in Hollywood to grab some lunch and jot down a blog or two.  That way, I could truthfully say I had been out to Hollywood to do a little writing.  To be technical though, I’m not sure if I was in Hollywood or not.  It might have been Burbank or Toluca.  Like a lot of cities, the suburbs around Los Angeles all seem to blur together to an outsider.  It takes a native to tell where you truly are.

I took my order “to go”, but I only went as far as one of the picnic tables set up outside by the drive-thru lane.  The weather was a bit cool, but nice enough to someone from the Midwest.  The sun was out and the sky was bluish.  I sat down at a table next to a man and his young daughter.  She got up and wandered over to the rocky area by the drive thru menu.  Her dad kept an eye on her, but didn’t say anything.  The girl was maybe five years old; very cute.  She smiled and waved at all the cars pulling in and ate her hamburger with gusto.

After a few cars had passed, it dawned on me what I was witnessing.  She was modeling the meals for McDonald’s!  Think about how genius that is: customers could see how much their family would enjoy the food.  See how happy a Happy Meal can make a little girl!  At least a dozen cars saw the act.  I wondered if McDonald’s was seeing any surge in business.  If so, I hope the man and his daughter got a cut on the action.  At the very least it was an idea worthy of Super Sized fries in my opinion.


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