Wild Wildlife

We went over to The Living Desert in nearby Palm Desert.  It’s a small zoo with a really large set of model trains.  While the animals in the holding areas were pretty impressive, I also liked the wildlife that was roaming around the zoo that wasn’t – technically – part of the collection.

20090309173628A road runner greeted us in the parking lot.  It started slowly on the sidewalk and then revved up to speed and raced between the cars towards the golf course next door.  Then, as we were walking towards the aviary when I saw some movement on the sidewalk ahead of us.  It was a little lizard, about six inches long, the color of sand.  It looked just like the desert drawings that you see everywhere in the Coachella Valley.  Once I knew what I should be looking for, I saw the little gecko lizards everywhere.

Daniel took a look at the gigantic train set that covers an area in the center of the park about the size of our backyard.  I wandered around and followed a hummingbird.  It flitted from one place to another.  I was surprised to see it actually stop on a branch.  I have seen them hover in place for a moment or two, but I don’t think I’ve actually every seen one land.  It sat down in a nest about the size of a finger bowl. 20090309145439

The aviary contained a number of birds along with a squirrel.  The birds scattered as the squirrel barged into their numbers, grabbing straw that littered the dirt floor to bring back to its nest under the decking.  I watched the birds for a bit and went back out to sit on a bench.  They had a large sign with paintings of the various birds that were held inside the cage.  On top of it sat a little yellow and black bird.  Apparently he didn’t realize that he was supposed to be inside the aviary rather than outside.


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