Bad Examples

We’ve been parrot-sitting Pepper and Akane for about six months now and it’s been an eye-opening experience for all of us… or – to be more accurate – an ear-shattering one.  Every day when we get home, we are greeted by a cacophony of beeping and whistling and screeching nonsense.  Despite this, I came home one afternoon and there was Daniel at the kitchen table, engrossed in the Parrot Supply Catalog.  Akane clucks if he gets too near and Pepper hisses and screams when he approaches.  I figured he was scanning the pages, looking for parrot-sized gags.  To my surprise, he said he was looking for his own parrot.

“So, you want a parrot like Pepper?  I asked.  “In your room with you?”  He shook his head.  “Akane?”

“Not exactly,” he said.

It reminded me of the old commercial: there’s Hertz and then there’s “not exactly”.  Daniel described me his specs for the perfect parrot.  It wouldn’t spit seeds out and make a big mess.  It wouldn’t poop on the floor.  Daniel’s parrot would like everybody and not bite.

“And it has to be quiet,” he finished, giving Akane a look as she did her falcon impression over and over from the family room.  I wished him luck on his endeavor and headed upstairs.  Meka was in her room.  It took me a minute to get her attention.  Pepper was perched on top of the cage and screaming something that sounded like “kumquat” over and over and Meka was wearing ear plugs.  I told her Daniel was downstairs parrot shopping and described what he was looking for.

“That’s easy,” she said.  “All we need to do is buy him another stuffed animal.”   She laughed (so did Pepper, by the way).  “Or maybe a Norwegian Blue like Monty Python.”



  1. Hi, Akane is not a common name. Was this bird adopted from petco in Richfield MN? I used to visit a bird named Akane at this store and it was the most beautiful bird! I like your story! : ) good luck finding a bird with those qualities!

  2. No, Akane was raised from a hatchling by the actual owner. I don’t know how she got her name.

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m sure I’ll have more Akane and Pepper stories; come back to visit!

  3. I wrote a blog about the time Akane was left with an open cage door once and decided to go hide up the sleeve of my coat. You definitely would not want to just let them out free unsupervised!

  4. I have two parrots and I wouldn’t think of allowing them out of their cages without supervision. The cockatoo I once had bit off a piece of a coffee table. He also chewed through electrical cords.

    Parrots are not for everyone. Unlike dogs, they do not accept us as their masters. to them, we are just members of their flock. But they can become very affectionate friends.

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