Daniel’s View of Vacation

I’m the general picture taker in the family.  If there’s a holiday or if we take a trip somewhere, you can usually find me behind a camera.  I’ve been taking the pictures and shooting the video for the family for close to a decade.  However, Daniel has shown some interest in picking up some of the slack in the past year or so.  When we went out to California, I thought that would be a good opportunity for Daniel to take some pictures of his own.  I let him use my old digital camera.

Daniel went with Meka and me around Palm Springs and up into the mountains.  We took a couple of trips into the desert.  Grandma and Grandpa had Daniel thoroughly entertained (and spoiled) on the other days when we went our separate ways.  Daniel kept the camera with him almost the entire time.  He wore the batteries out.

We got back from our trip and I was curious to see what Daniel had deemed picture worthy.  I copied the pictures over to my computer and – well – I can’t say that I was completely surprised by the pictures Daniel took.  There was only one picture of the desert and fourteen pictures of the inside of the rental car.  I asked him about the pictures and Daniel excitedly told me about each of them: here was the logo imprinted on the back seat, here was a seat belt connector different than the ones in our car and truck.  That was what was important to him.  We could have saved a lot of money by skipping the trip and just renting the car and sitting in our driveway.



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