For Pregnancy

I was a smart kid growing up (no, not smart a##… that came later).  If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you I was reading at birth.  I think she might be exaggerating slightly.  I do remember learning to read at an early age and figuring out a lot of things on my own about the world all printed up around me.  I was talking to my mom one day and she was reminiscing about being pregnant with my younger brother. 

“You were so curious about the whole thing,” she said to me over the phone.  “I kept waiting, but you never did ask where babies come from.”

My mom got pregnant with David when I was four, going on five.  I could read at a pretty high grade level by then.  The reason I never asked was because I knew where babies come from.  We had a cabinet in our kitchen that held all the vitamins.  My dad took ones called One-A-Day.  That made sense.  I knew he took them daily.  My vitamins were from The Flintstones and they were chewable.  That meant they didn’t leave a horrific taste in your mouth like the One-A-Day vitamins did.  And one day I noticed a new bottle of blue pills in the cabinet.  They had my mom’s name on the label and they were marked “FOR PREGNANCY“.

Mystery solved.

There is such a thing as being book smart, but lacking real world knowledge.  I think this falls squarely in that hole.  I did do well in my high school health classes and I think I figured out how the whole thing worked by the time Daniel came around when I was 29 or so.



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