Miles to Go

It was a rough winter for me and my Weight Watchers goal.  I did make (some of) the meetings and (occasionally) tracked my points.  I did (every once in awhile) exercise.  I had plenty of excuses to stray from the straight and narrow: I was wearing heavier clothes; my walking path was buried in snow, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s plus my birthday and Meka’s birthday.  I could go on… and sadly, I think I did.  All in all, I gained back about eight pounds that I had lost earlier in the fall.

I started getting back on track with the coming of spring.  I’ve been tracking consistently and I’ve lost weight each of the past four weigh-ins.  However, my exercise routine is – unfortunately – not routine yet.  I don’t think I’m the only one with challenges in the exercise area.  Weight Watchers is going all out with an incentive to have all its members participate in a 5K sometime this summer.

When the weather’s nice, I like to walk around the track at the park by the Boone County Fairgrounds.  I put on a podcast and can do a couple of laps in 45 minutes.  Over the weekend, I thought I would give three laps a try.  And I would try to – not run it, but walk it as quickly as I could.  The good news is I managed three laps – about five kilometers – in about 35 minutes.  I tried to stay at a steady pace and didn’t stop at all to rest.  The bad news was my legs were throbbing and my knees didn’t feel right until the next day.

Weight Watchers is all about the long term.  I should have known better.  The aim is not to go on some crash diet and lose all your weight quickly, but rather figure out some lifestyle change that works and eventually get down to a weight you’re happy with.  It’s the same with exercise.  The Weight Watchers training is going to cover eight weeks with the 5K as the ultimate goal at the end.  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” our leader quoted Lao Tzu, a famous Chinese philosopher.  That reminded me I haven’t been to Happy Wok for quite awhile.  I guess I have a ways to go on my journey in more ways than one.



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