All this and Swine Flu

If there was ever a time for Real Life to have one of those eerie movie soundtracks, it was last Friday afternoon.  I was working from home and my cell phone started to ring.  At the same moment, I could hear the home phone ringing and Meka’s cell phone in her office.  I looked at the caller ID and they were all the same phone number.  I picked up my cell before it went to voice mail with the assumption the world was ending.

It turned out to be a pre-recorded message from Daniel’s school district.  In a way I had been expecting it all week.  Someone in Belvidere may have a case of H1N1 and – even though they hadn’t been in a school building for almost a week – the entire school district was closing down “until further notice”.  All school buildings were closed, all activities were canceled.

I should have been more worried.  I’ve been watching the news and seen the reports of H1N1 spreading around the world.  I understand the potential of a pandemic.  I’ve read accounts of the influenza outbreaks in 1918 that killed more people than World War I.  Heck, Stephen King’s The Stand is one of my favorite novels.  However, I found myself more annoyed than anything else.  Frankly, between the stress of college and jobs in a world plagued by terrorism, warfare, global warming, energy crisis and economic meltdown, I’m afraid I am just fresh out of fear for Swine Flu.


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