The Airport Hustle

I wasn’t running late, but I was cutting things a bit close.  The drive to the airport took more time than I planned.  There was traffic and construction.  Some kind of accident slowed things down right before my exit.  TomTom tried to send me to a Post Office rather than the airport.  I found my way by following the landing planes.

I thought I might save a bit of time by doing the self-service check-in and just take my overnight bag as carry-on.  Whatever moments I saved were lost waiting in the line for security.  The people were relatively efficient (as these things go), but there was only a single line.  Then my carry-on bag had to be examined twice.  On the bright side, I got to stand an extra five minutes on the anti-bacterial floor mat in my socks.  I probably won’t get athlete’s foot anytime soon.

I really like the moving sidewalk setup in the Louisville airport.  The signs tell people who are standing still to stay on the right side.  This allows people who are walking to pass them on the left side.  However, I got behind a guy who was – technically – walking, but moving so slowly that people walking (walking, mind you) on the non-moving floors on either side were passing us by.

My flight was out of gate fourteen.  The signs only showed fifteen gates.  “At least I’m not at the absolute last gate,” I thought to myself.  However, there were gates on both sides of the walkways, so – actually – I was at the last gate.  I’m not exactly sure what the logic was in putting my flight there when the first eight gates were dark and deserted.

On the plus side, I didn’t have to wait very long to board the plane.  I think I had time to catch my breath and then I was onboard.  I sat back and let myself relax.  I had plenty of time; the flight got delayed and we sat for a bit on the runway.


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