For Want of Wire…

The work around the house never seems to end.  There are the repetitive tasks – laundry, washing the dishes, grocery shopping – but there are also a dozen projects or more on my to-do list.  None of them are crossed off.  I’m working on each and every one of them.  I like to work on multiple projects in parallel.  If I run into a show-stopping issue on one, I can quickly jump to another project and keep moving.

I was out in the yard over the weekend, edging the lawn with our electric trimmer.  I finished up the front and was working on the back when I ran out of the little plastic wire that spins around and cuts up the grass.  I knew we had a spare spool of wire in the garage.  I went in to look for it.

I didn’t find the spool, but I did come across a roll of duct tape.  I had been looking for the duct tape earlier.  I have a window unit air conditioner for my office.  With enough electronics to launch the Space Shuttle crammed in a 9 x 12 room, the ceiling fan just doesn’t cut it in the summer.  The window unit is smaller than the window itself.  I have a set of sliding panels that attach like ears to either side of the air conditioner to fill in the gap.  The unit had been sitting on the floor of my office in front of the window, waiting for me to find the duct tape to fix the cracks in the plastic accordion-style panels.  I taped up the cracks, but I noticed a screw on one side was loose.  It’s an odd size, but I have a specific screwdriver to handle the situation.

I couldn’t find the screwdriver in the garage.  However, I happened across the bottle of wood glue.  I had been looking for it the week before.  Daniel had locked us out of the house and I had to kick in the garage door. I needed the glue to fix the broken piece of door frame.  However, wood glue doesn’t exactly set instantaneously.  I needed a set of C-clamps to hold the pieces in place while the glue dried.

Actually, I found the C-clamps without a problem.

I was putting the C-clamps away when I came across the screwdriver I had been looking for to fix the air conditioner.  It had fallen down off the peg board and was wedged between the wall and a box of Diet Pepsi that still had three cans in it from Christmas.  Running to the corner gas station for a pop is one of my recurring tasks; this discovery would delay the trip for at least an hour.  I tightened the screws on the side of the air conditioner and set it into the window frame.  It did not slip out and crash into the backyard and within an hour I could hang meat in my office from the ceiling fan if I wished.

I took the duct tape and screwdriver back down to the garage.  As I was setting the tape down on the shelf by the foot pump (that reminds me; Daniel’s football is a bit flat), I finally came across the lost spool of plastic wire for the electric trimmer.  So, I’m set for this weekend to finish up the rest of the trimming around the yard.

I suppose it might be a good idea to add “clean the garage and get organized” to my list of projects.  I have two problems with that.  First, it’s hard enough to get motivated to do the to-do’s.  Being able to switch from one to the other prevents me from getting bored and not doing any of them.  Second, in order to add it to the list, I’d need a pen and – honestly – I’m not exactly sure where one is at the moment.


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