Baby Stuff

I was at my Weight Watchers meeting this week when I had a blast from the past.  A young woman came in that I vaguely remembered from meetings a year ago.  She had quit Weight Watchers temporarily because she was pregnant; the one kind of weight gain they don’t mind.  She brought in her little baby girl, all toothless and smiling, and all of the related “baby stuff”.

I can remember when Daniel was little like that and all of the stuff we carried around “just in case”.  One of us would carry Daniel – complete in the rocking chair / car seat – and one of us would carry the stuff.  Daniel’s diaper bag was the size of a small cooler.  It was packed with changes of clothes, bibs, washcloths, wipes, nail clippers, nose drops, lotion, formula, and bottles with extra nipples.  Sometimes we even had diapers in it. 

I watched as the baby stuff came forth and completely covered a meeting table designed to seat six people.  I could relate.  It’s so hard to know what is going to make a baby happy or sad.  Like most parents, we overcompensated and tended to bring everything.  We always had Daniel’s favorite toys; things that squeaked or made a tinkling sound.  Everything was brightly colored, oversized, thickly padded and chewable. 

As we learned with Daniel, the little girl managed to keep herself entertained without all the trappings.  She was quiet through the meeting; quite content to just lie on a blanket and chew on her own feet.


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