2009_0418_123958If Daniel gets to pick where we’re going for dinner, it’s usually by toy.  Whatever fast food restaurant is offering the latest and greatest bit of plastic along with their kids’ meal, that’s where he wants to go.  I’m not sure how he knows.  He’s grown up with the DVR and very rarely watches commercials.  Do they even make commercials about kids’ meals anymore?  In any case, Daniel wanted to go to McDonald’s.  I wasn’t surprised by the choice.  However, I was surprised that – instead of a toy – we got a CD instead.

“This is my first CD!” said Daniel.  I was a little put off at first; I’ve burned many a mix of songs for Daniel over the last few years.  He amended his statement, “This is my first CD that wasn’t just made!”  Daniel might not have caught the commercials for Kids Bop over the years, but I have.  The “Kids Bop” concept is basically a bunch of kids singing pop songs.  I was quite prepared to detest it, of course, but had to admit I was intrigued by the song selection.  Who were the ad wizards who picked Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls?  I tried to imagine a bunch of kids singing “su-i-ci-dal, su-i-ci-dal” without generating some vast parental s%^&storm in the process.

kidsboplogoAfter dinner, we rushed home so Daniel could slip the Kidz Bop 3 CD sampler into his stereo at home.  My office is just across the hall from his bedroom, so I got plenty of exposure to the music pouring forth.  The songs were relatively well produced; all the kids sing on key.  I have to admit I didn’t think it was as bad as I predicted.  The lyrics were bowdlerized in Beautiful Girls.  They sing “in denial” instead.  However, that and Hey There Delilah sounded like the kids were singing along with the artist rather than complete remakes.  Kidz Bop has sold something like eleven million records; I suppose they have the clout to get the real artists in the studio with a bunch of kids.  Daniel rummaged around his room and got ready for bed.  Kidz Bop 3 was set to “infinite loop” on his stereo (actually, it only made it through six times before I snuck into his room in the dark and switched the music from CD to FM).



  1. Bob, i read some of your musings.I believe I’m a little older than you (alot)I’m 55. But I believe people are just people. Some with interests that intrigue are amuse you. Yours did. I’m Scanner in this Universe. I have a blog called scannerman’s Blog (very original). I’m just getting the hang of this, so I’m trying to set it up. At my age, new things tend to make my head explode. But, I call my son, and he does his magic and fixes what I mess up, some how. I do politics, current events, my life, a few poems.If you come on my site, hit the scanner’s Blog button, I have things from Open Salon that I write for. Until, I be reading you. Later

  2. I feel for you. Ben got one of these too. Fortunately, halfway thru he asked greg to shut it off. He proclaimed he liked Greg’s classic rock mix CD better. Thank god.

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