Spending the Night

Daniel had a sleepover with one of his friends from school.  I don’t know why they call them “sleepovers”; sleep is the last thing on anyone’s mind.  I had many sleepovers when I was a kid.  Meka had a few herself.  Despite this, we agreed his friend could spend the night.  We had to prepare, of course.  We both took a short nap to recharge before the kid’s parents dropped him off.

Things didn’t seem to go well.  As far as I can tell, they spent most of the evening alternately arguing or pouting.  They argued and pouted over the Wii.  They argued at pouted while building an airport out of Legos in Daniel’s room.  They even asked to borrow my digital camera – the one that takes movies as well as pictures.  They made a number of jerky videos of themselves arguing silently and pouting.

I escaped in the truck for an hour to pick up pizza at Little Caesar’s (actually the pizzas were ready in fifteen minutes; don’t tell anyone).  Both were pouting by the time I got back.  Neither of them ate much pizza.  The Wii was done for the night, so I put on a movie.  They argued about popcorn.  Daniel wanted some; his friend didn’t.

They retired to Daniel’s room and continued to argue and – I assume – pout.  We could hear the arguing through the walls; pouting is a quiet activity.  I’m a night person and so is Meka.  However, they outlasted us, squabbling through the wee hours into the cold gray light before dawn.  They were up a few hours later.  I slowly came to and could hear them rumbling and grumbling outside our bedroom door.

Ironically, they both could agree it was “the best sleepover ever”.  As his friend was packing up to go, they both asked if they could have another sleepover soon, maybe even tonight.  Not so ironically, Meka and I agreed on the answer: no.


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