Waiting Found Wanting

I was waiting in line at Wal Mart.  This is nothing new.  I believe they have a policy that guarantees all patrons – no matter what time of day – will have to wait in a line with at least three customers ahead of them.  It feels like most of the time I spend at Wal Mart is in a line.  I might feel differently if I had something to take my mind off of it.  Sadly, once I took my focus off the smashed bits of watermelon on the floor and stepped nimbly around the juice, there was nothing much to look at.

The magazine selection was solely made up of so-called “women’s magazines”.  There was Woman’s Day and Family Circle.  If I couldn’t find any articles to page through, I was hoping for a little eye candy at least.  Sadly, Good Housekeeping dropped the ball on that one.  Their cheesecake shot was… literally cheesecake.  I thought Wal Mart should have the courtesy to put a few magazines up front to counterbalance the recipe-centric periodical selection.

Out of the eleven people in line with me, seven of them were men.  Yet we had no representation on the magazine rack.  Maxim would be nice, but I understand it’s a “family store”.  How about Popular Mechanics or Motor Trend?  Even women in line might like a break from Soap Opera Weekly to take a look at Newsweek or Time.  I’d even settle for TV Guide.  Better yet, here’s a suggestion.  Open up some more f$%^ing lines so your customers don’t have so much time on their hands to ponder the paucity of available reading material.



  1. Thanks for the information.

    Maybe they can get their parent conglomerates to chip in a bit. Good Housekeeping – for example – is owned by Hearst who also owns Popular Mechanics, for example.

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