Skipping a Week on Weight Watchers

Last week was crazy at work.  I was so busy I didn’t have time to post a blog.  It was the first time I missed my daily posting since Christmas.  While that was annoying – no one likes to break a streak – I was more bothered by missing my weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  I’ve been on Weight Watchers for about sixteen months.  I’ve lost fifteen pounds and – more importantly – I’ve kept it off.  I credit my success to – get this – following the Weight Watchers program.  If I eat the number of points I’m allowed and I exercise regularly, I tend to lose weight on a weekly basis.  This sounds pretty obvious and – to be honest – it is obvious.  However, weight loss in reality has been harder than I thought it would be when I joined last spring.

The reality is it’s easy to get lazy and it’s easy to cheat.  The weather in Belvidere averages “rotten” with occasional lows in the “crappy” and “downright nasty” range.  It’s very easy to look out the window and come up with an excuse not to take a long walk in the park.  It’s easy to cook up something and not weight it out exactly.  It’s easy to estimate the number of points.  Therefore, it’s easy to gain weight back.  That’s where the meetings come in for me.  Once a week, I get together with a bunch of people who are in the same boat.  After sixteen months, I don’t think I’ve run into any situation someone else hasn’t already brought up.  I’ve received good advice on making the best of tricky situations: holidays, vacations, business meetings.  If no one has any ideas, at least I can get some genuine sympathy.  And that goes in both directions.  There have even been weeks when our leader has come in and confessed of some transgression.  Double-stuffed Oreo cookies are her Kryptonite.

I’ve attended meetings in other towns and states when I’ve been on the road.  I have to say we have a really good leader.  She’s very dynamic and she’s funny.  The meetings run half an hour and the time flies by.  I’m inspired by the meetings.  When I come home Wednesday night, I’m set to start a brand new week with my patented point tracker.  I find the meeting keeps me going through Thursday and Friday.  Saturday is a bit of a challenge; I don’t have a set routine to help me make good choices.  Sunday is even harder.  My motivation picks up on Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon, I’m downright frightened.  I’ve come to the conclusion I am a consummate liar.  I seem to have no problem lying to myself.  I ate all the right things all week, I say.  I exercised right and left.  And if I can lie to myself, lying to family and friends is – frankly – no big deal.  I like the meetings and learn a lot, but I’ve found I can lie to everyone there as well.  Everyone except the scale used for the weekly weigh-in.  I may have myself convinced it was a pretty good week… until that digital readout shatters the illusion.



  1. ´Hi there… Found your blog trough DIGG.

    Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I enjoy reading your posts.

    I recently lost a lot of weight and I can really understand you and what you saying here…

    I believe that its important that you hold yourself accountable and do not weigh yourself more than once a week.

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