Diet Loophole

I don’t drink and I don’t smoke.  The Diet Pepsi I get from the fountain at the corner gas station is about my only remaining vice.  I even cut back on that.  I wash out the plastic cups because I can refill them for half price.  With the economy in the shape it’s in, we’ve been watching our pennies.  We’ve cut out some things here and there, but – at 59 cents each – I was able to keep refilling my Diet Pepsi.

A few weeks back there was a notice taped to the check-out counter.  The price of refills was going up from 59 cents to 79 cents.  That didn’t sound like much on a Pepsi by Pepsi basis, but it was an increase of almost 34 percent.  We’re talking health insurance premium style increases.  I shopped around; stopping at other gas stations on other corners.  I might have saved the gas.  They all ran about 79 cents for a refill.

20070426-100000While my corner station offers cups maxing out at 44 ounces, the tollway oasis cups hold 64 ounces.  I picked up one on my way home from Chicago one evening and washed it out.  I refilled it with Diet Pepsi at my corner station.  I noticed it took significantly longer to fill it up completely.  I non-chalantly brought it up front and paid my 79 cents.  So, while the cost has gone up 34 percent, I’m getting 45 percent more Diet Pepsi each time.  I have to admit, finding a loophole in the fine print that breaks my way for once feels pretty good.

It would probably feel better if I wasn’t so jittery all the time and could sleep at night.


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