Good Morning Starshine (1988)

Damn, it’s finally happened. We’ve finally gone and done it. I’m watching television now and it reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode. I can see Rod Serling over in the corner, cigarette in hand, talking to America:

“Meet Kevin McCay, age 27. An average American watching television on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, but instead of football or an old movie, Kevin McCay is watching the beginning of the end of the world. Nuclear war, brought to you by The Twilight Zone.”

Except that this is for real.

Sam Donaldson’s on TV instead of Rod. Florida’s gone. It was all over in thirty-five seconds. Missiles from Cuba, I knew those bastards were lying…

The rest of us have eighteen minutes. It’s interesting how Sam can stay so calm. I can’t see him sweat, not even now. There’s no falter in his voice. I’m sweating. I’m scared.

Eighteen minutes. That’s all we have left. You know, I haven’t heard any sirens. I’ve had to listen to those sirens every Tuesday at ten for years and when it finally happens, they don’t work. The irony is delicious…

I can’t laugh. It’s not funny.

Yes it is. I’m thinking about Kelline, you know this might be a good time to ask for it. Too bad we don’t have twenty minutes left…

Oh, my sides ache. It’s been too long since I had a good laugh. I’m going to die laughing. It’s odd. I should hate the guys who pushed the button (or flipped the switch or whatever), but I don’t. I don’t feel anything towards them. I wonder what it must feel like, knowing you ended the world. I wonder who it was. I wonder who’s side he was on.

Sam hasn’t mentioned why it started. I thought we were doing good: the INF treaty, glasnost, SALT III…just paper and promises. Oh well, maybe we’ll do better the next time around. The next time…

Maybe it’s not so bad. We screwed up the world and now we’re paying for it. Whoever gets it next will do better. Maybe we’re just doing God a favor…

Two minutes left.

It’s been years since I’ve been up on the roof. It has a great view of the east. I used to drag a telescope up here and look at the moon and planets. I wish I had time to find it now. Oh well. I wonder what they’ll look like? A crashing airplane?

Wait. Is that one? Brilliant white with a yellow tail, the sun must be reflecting off of it. It looks like a falling star, or maybe an angel. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Good morning, Starshine, and welcome to America.


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