Free Range Tree

We stopped at Ack Ack Nursery to see what they had for sale that met all of our arboreal criteria. The tree had to be taller than we were. It had to be big enough to support the weight of the occasional bird. Most importantly, we needed a tree that couldn’t escape.

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Death from Both Sides

I believe that – somehow – the people live on in the memories of those left behind. While that was comforting to me from my perspective – the living perspective – I found I had a lot of questions of what that would mean from the other side. What would such an afterlife seem like to someone who had died?

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White Shirt Blues

I pressed the Fanta button and stepped to the side so the first few purple drops of soda hit my arm instead of my shirt. I could wash my arm. I dropped the drinks off at the table and stopped Daniel from banging on the ketchup packets with his fists before disaster ensued.

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