The Three Bears – Take Two (1995)

Once upon a time there were three bears who lived together in a cottage in the middle of a dark green forest.  One day they all decided to take a walk before breakfast to work up an appetite.  They had hardly been gone a minute when in walked a lost little girl named Goldilocks.

Now Goldilocks had wandered into the dark green forest and couldn’t find her way home.  She was tired and hungry and stopped at the little cottage to ask for directions.  But there was no one there to get directions from.  Goldilocks looked around and saw three bowls of porridge sitting on a little table in the kitchen.  Since no one was there, Goldilocks decided not to waste the food (even if it was just porridge).

She tried the first bowl, but it was too hot.

She tried the second bowl, but it was too cold.

Goldilocks was about to try the third bowl when the bears returned and ate her.

“Mmm,” they said when they were done.  “She was just right.  So much better than porridge.”


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