The Monsters at Night (1987)

Over the curb, across the street,
Into the fields at night.
The tall grass stretching over my head
And the weeds clutching at my clothes.
Whose idea was this anyhow?
Mine? Oh…

There are the woods. They look so black.
Are they leaning over us? Are they moving?
Oh, why did I go see ALIEN?
I hear you laugh, Dave. I know you’re scared.
Yes, I’ll go first, you wimp.
I have the flashlight. I am invincible.

Here we are at the foot of the woods.
I can hear their stomachs rumbling.
It’s even worse not being able to see the monsters
But there’s nothing to fear. Monsters hate light, right?
Answer me next time. Don’t freak me out.

Don’t be so scared, Dave, you’re standing on my heels.
We’ve got the flashlight so there’s nothing to fear.
The spot of light is rather reassuring.
No monsters in that zone!
Ha-ha! I dare you to come! Show yourselves!
We’re not afraid of you!
The light went out. The batteries are dead.


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