Freedom (1987)

My parents sent me off to school.
So I would have some freedom.
They said no one could push me around
If I had enough education.

Well, here I am, chained to a desk.
With no end in sight.
My life revolves about the school.
Freedom was very fleeting.

Then I got myself as a job.
To earn a little freedom.
I heard that I could have more fun
With a little added income.

Well, my summers disappeared.
And my weekends did the same.
Terminal drudgery with few rewards.
Freedom doesn’t come cheaply.

Finally, I bought myself a car.
To expand my waning freedom.
I thought that I could see the world
With enhanced mobilization.

Well, now I’m stuck here at home.
I’m too poor to drive around.
Homework concerns weigh me down.
I’m a slave to the cause of freedom.


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