Drugbusters – Senior Year (1988)

I started drawing Drugbusters in 1984, my freshman year in high school. Basically, the story was four freshmen were dedicated to ridding the high school of drugs. The problem was that the prime users of drugs were four seniors who were roughly ten times larger than Our Heroes, who would then get beat up.

Undeterred, the Drugbusters began to use strategy; wily plans that would – somehow – trap the seniors, hoist them on their own petard and so on. As Wile E. Coyote can attest, the best laid plans often run afoul.

Eventually, the Drugbusters did emerge triumphant over the seniors, sending them to jail. The story was over. Sophomore year, I started, but never finished a new set of adventures.

Senior Year in high school, I wrote a complete set of adventures as the Drugbusters have to go to colleges to stamp out the scourge of drugs and wind up basically screwing up the entire space-time continuum.

Note: These files are quite large and may take some time to open up.

Drugbusters - Senior Year - Title Page
Drugbusters - Senior Year - Title Page

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